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Meet the Team: TeamMember


CEO/Disc Jockey/ On-Air Personality

DJ Anton is a disc jockey vet and has been spinning the turntables for over 20 years now in Chicagoland area. Dj Anton has been with dj groups such as a BlokBizness DJ's, Blok Clubs Dj's etc., and has worked with many different media outlets including Chicago’s famous Power 92 radio station on which he still remains as a guest dj on. Anton started his own station to bring younger disc jockey’s and personalities together to help enhance their talents and expand their brand. Growing up Anton was inspired by B96 DJ’s, Julian Jumper Perez, and Bad Boy Bill. Although Anton’s biggest influence came from a Chicago disc jockey friend named “DJ Corey,” who inspired me to keep djing.  DJ Anton specializes in all genres of music and wants people to remember his versatility when they hear him spin. “Hard-work pays off.” You can listen to DJ Anton live at 4pm every Wednesday with the ‘Let’s Kick It Party’ on A&O radio.

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Ophelia or better known as “Honey” is the official A&R Executive for A&O radio. She linked with Anton years ago through social media and they have been in conjunction with each other since. She’s always been in love with hip-hop music and specializes in seeking the hottest upcoming artists around town. Ultimately, she wants to build A&O radio to be the hottest internet station that guides upcoming artists in the appropriate direction to enhance their career.


On air personality

On-Air Personality/DJ

There are people who play records and there are Dj's who love music and blow minds. DJ Juan D is one of Chicago's hottest rising talent, already making a name for himself as a heavy-hitter in the genre of House Music. Juan D discovered his passion for music through his commitment and development in crafting his mixing skills. Rockin the crowds every time reinforced his appreciation for music, further fueling his desire to one day tour and record with top artist. The evolution of Hip Hop mixed with Chicago House music allows Juan D to grace the decks as a resident DJ at many of the hottest bars in Chicago's South Suburbs. Juan D stays committed as a member of several organizations such as "Fab-Five DJ's", "Black Diamond Entertainment", and "HeadBanga Entertainment". His unique trademark sound can be experienced annually at picnics, weekends at weddings, school events, and your next hot club event.

Elle (No Nonsense Woman& Co.)

Elle Ellis4164.JPG

Elle, former Educator/Instructor,CO-CEO/Founder of  Ell B Entertainment. A Writer/Creator,Executive Producer of Relative Opposites a series in development for television.

Her creativity keeps her forging ahead with multiple projects coming into fruition. She's on a  journey that began at the tender age of 9, with the latest being her new radio show "No -Nonsense Woman & Company,your Mid-day escape.You'll get the perspective of a Gen-X woman surrounded by her trusted millenial team  Briana & Donte.She's taking this latest platform as a tool giving a voice to those with extensive knowledge & inner workings within the entertainment industry

.She will continue to bring you amzing guest and if you've missed out on her  latest guest ,check them out on our No-nonsense woman FB & other social media.


On Air Personality/Disc-Jockey

Born in Chicago,raised in Chicago/Indiana. Home away from home Los Angeles

TVA Studios (Schererville/Hammond IN.).

PD Craw (born Pierr

Born in Chicago,raised in Chicago/Indiana. Home away from home Los Angeles

TVA Studios (Schererville/Hammond IN.).

PD Craw (born Pierre D. Crawford) played percussion in marching band and also played basketball. This is partially where his creativity and dedication thrives from. At one point he went through financial struggles living out his car and drifting while working towards his college degree. In 2006 he reached his goal and received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology after founding TVA Ent LLC (2007).

Now CEO and President of TVA Ent LLC.


His mother studied as a music major and his father was an aspiring abstract artist. With a passion for the art of music,


It was destined for PD Craw to indulge in this music movemment. Artist/Songwriter/Performer/Producer/Music Engineer and has expanded into an Acting career, staring in such series as "Relative Opposites"and "Red Bottoms" Series" and films as such as "Greens vs Grills", "The things We've  Seen", "Road to DeMarcus", "Master Habagon"..etc..


With his independent label TVA Entertainment he is working to create new networking relationships and expand his talents.


He's toured throughout the city of Chicago with open mics, contests, and show openings for the likes of Twista. He has had four songs played on local Chicago radio thus far,( including an exclusive Bulls Rally song which was played on WGN News, and networked to all Bulls players in 2010). He's looking to get even more exposure with "Im All In" (his highest selling single to date). It sums up his new status and outlook on the music game.

Other releases are "Sleep" and "Stink Panther"   (calabo with Poetic Justice).


Stezo Radio Podcast


Small Title


Girl with Yellow Sweater

Stezo is the host and creator of Stezo Radio Podcast. He created this podcast with the hopes of bringing Barbershop style conversations to the main stream. Created in the winter time of 2015, Stezo Radio Podcast has tackled every topic from men who receive spousal  support (TheNotGoneCryEpisode),to unarmed killings of black Americans by police (episode#97EnoughIsEnough),to reparations paid to black America (TheReparationsEpisode)This podcast has a He includes his friends and others in these discussions so the listeners can feel as if they were simply sitting in a basement, garage or outside having a real conversation and expressing how they really feel. Never being afraid to speak his mind and admit to doing the pettiest of things to people, Stezo is also known as StezoPetty, a hashtag that will become viral very soon. Stezo Radio has had its share of controversy when fans and listeners voiced their opinions on the cast and host using the B word so often when talking about women, which lead to one of their most downloaded shows to date. (The B word Episode). Stezo Radio also interviews local talented people ranging from musicians, small business owners, movie producers, poets, authors and many others. Stezo Radio Podcast can be found on iTunes, iHeartRadio, YouTube, Facebook, Google Play and

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